Our history

Our brand has its origins in an extraordinary trip to Southeast Asia, where we were enchanted by the magic of freshwater pearls. Each pearl seemed to tell a story, and we felt a burning desire to share this experience with you, offering you the opportunity to own a piece of this treasure.

The varieties of freshwater pearls are endless, and each country offers its own unique selection. Before setting off, we undertook a journey through several countries, exploring Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, to finally focus our attention on Indonesia, and more precisely on the island of Lombok, where we spent fascinating weeks. Lombok, with its white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, welcomed us with open arms. The peaceful atmosphere and vibrant energy of the island captivated our hearts from the moment we arrived. It was on these pristine beaches that we decided to make our project a reality.

The process began with the careful selection of freshwater pearls. Entire days were spent searching for the pearls that would form our first collection. We explored local markets, where skillful artisans carefully selected freshwater pearls, demonstrating their expertise in the art of harvesting these marine treasures. These pearls, from crustaceans in the crystal clear waters surrounding Lombok, perpetuate an ancestral tradition.

Ultimately, we have established strong ties with our primary suppliers in Lombok, ensuring that each freshwater pearl is acquired at a fair price, both for you and for the local artisans with whom we work closely.

Our commitment to authenticity and quality is deeply rooted in Loudjo's history. Each freshwater pearl in our collection is carefully selected, demonstrating our respect for traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail. By choosing Loudjo, you are investing not only in a piece of jewelry, but in a story of passion and commitment. Each freshwater pearl embodies the essence of a rich and diverse culture, transmitting a centuries-old tradition that crosses borders and generations.

We are proud of the history our jewelry conveys. With Loudjo, you discover a universe where artisanal know-how meets modern elegance, offering timeless pieces that captivate the heart and soul of those who wear them.