Each pearl is unique, like you

Fashioned with freshwater pearls and faceted glass, our jewelry reflects timeless elegance. For every moment, whether special or ordinary, enhance your style with the distinction of Loudjo

Discover our products and treat yourself .

In our 'Lombok' collection, we take you for a tour of this island known for its quality pearls! Each piece of jewelry tells a story inspired by this magical place.

Our boxes

Discover our collection of FSC-certified and environmentally friendly boxes, delicately designed to house your rings and bracelets, combining artisanal quality and ecological commitment for gestures that count.

FSC and Eco-friendly certification

FSC certified and Eco-friendly: At Loudjo, we are concerned about the environment. Our boxes are FSC certified, which means they are manufactured responsibly. Additionally, we use recycled materials wherever possible.

We believe in taking care of our planet. This is why we are committed to reducing our environmental impact at Loudjo.

Our pearls

Our rings and bracelets are adorned with authentic freshwater pearls, carefully selected from Indonesia, adding a natural and exotic touch to your style, while supporting local and sustainable craftsmanship.

Certificat d'authenticité

Chaque produit que nous proposons est accompagné d'un certificat d'authenticité. Ce document confirme que nos perles sont authentiques et proviennent de Lombok, en Indonésie. Lorsque vous achetez chez nous, vous pouvez avoir confiance en la qualité et l'authenticité de nos produits.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.